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workflow-graphic-2.0Real Estate Ally’s mission is to help brokerages manage their business better.

Real Estate Ally makes business data instantly available to brokers 24/7, on any device, and in an easily digestible, infographic-like format. Additionally, we allow brokers to set and track goals, dig down into metrics to identify the cause of poor performance, and get forward looking financial data and targeted management recommendations.

Real Estate Ally has embraced the next generation of web experience through simple user interfaces, responsive and mobile-ready design, and open platform integration. Real Estate Ally will be the first platform that integrates all the core real estate business information agents need with the tools they and their clients use on a daily basis – social, email, mobile. In doing so, we can provide business intelligence specific to the firm’s, or even an agent’s, activities and clientele profile.

Most importantly, our system focuses on usability and leveraging data agents and brokers have ALREADY entered. As much of the industry has yet to make the move from paper-based to software-based processes, Real Estate Ally also offers a simple interface for tracking customers, listings and transactions—a back-office in a box—that can be used to power the analytics and management insights.

Right now, if an agency is tracking their data at all, it’s spread out among several different platforms -- the MLS, a CRM, transaction management, etc. Consolidating that data is time-consuming, meaning analysis is rarely done, and only in retrospect. Day-to-day brokers are left to manage by guesswork, and agents are constantly operating in crisis-mode.

On top of that, real estate professionals are always on the go, their time is very unstructured, and the vast majority of them are independent contractors and small businesses – entrepreneurs just trying to make it happen.

What they need is not just software, but a solution that integrates their business data and turns it into actionable insights.

We see the analytics as the first step – something both we and our customers can learn from – to build the integrated brokerage management software the modern real estate industry so desperately needs. We will provide a set of fully-integrated, predictive management tools that empower Real Estate Brokers and Agnets to take control of their business through a convenient cloud platform.

Real Estate Ally is owned by DashIQ, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, and is privately funded. The company is currently seeking additional funding through convertible debt, and anticipates a Series A Offering sometime early next year. To find out more about the investment opportunity, please contact us at:  [email protected]

Leadership Team

Brittany Fritsch, Chief Executive Officer

Brittany is a founder of Real Estate Ally. She has a hands-on background working in the real estate field that has allowed her to bring to the company a pragmatic view of the real needs of agents and brokers. Prior to Real Estate Ally, she worked at Webity, a web development company, as Business and Project Manager, where she increased revenues more than 300% in two years. She holds an MBA in International Business from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a BSBA in International Business from Valpariso University in Indiana.

David Fritsch, Vice President, Technology

David is a founder of Real Estate Ally. He has many years of experience in the software development field, with a major focus on high-performance web sites that require complex transactions, large scale databases and financial services. David founded Webity in 2010, and has led the technology team to a well-earned reputation for highly reliable solutions. He has been responsible for the technology direction and software development at Real Estate Ally for the past three years.  David holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Valpariso University.

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