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Real estate can be a cut-throat industry where each house becomes the next war zone for competing buyers, and realtors are working round the clock to get that signature on the dotted line. As technology continues to merge with the housing market, this fierce competition is only growing. With mobile apps and fan pages making it easier for competition to engage their users, focusing on areas that might be lagging behind the wagon has become more relevant than ever before.

Real Estate Ally offers an easy and engaging method of focusing on what matters within your company. Not only can you create those important reports to share with your supervisors, but you can also monitor your daily numbers to know where your branch is thriving and where you need to focus you attention.

simple-user-experienceGraphs of your most important company aspects connect directly to your MLS feed and are updated every 2 hours to give you real time data. Stay on top of where your branch stands with community trends, local competitors, and national averages for DOM, Closing Sales, Types of Homes Sold, and even track your company goals throughout the year!

Not only can Real Estate Ally give you the data you need in the moment, it also monitors how your team is working individually. Real Estate Ally allows you to monitor your realtor progress in closing the deals, what types of homes they sell best, and how many deals they’ve closed. Knowing which realtor does well in sales, proposal write ups, and open homes can give you the insights on motivating them towards closing more deals in a shorter time. Wouldn't it be great if you knew where to focus your team’s attention before it was too late?business-analytics 


Real Estate Ally offers insightful graphs, charts, and downloadable reports to bring you the greatest knowledge of how your business is functioning in the moment and where you attention needs to be in order to get that exponential growth you’re fighting for. Beat your competitors from the inside our with Real Estate Ally’s state of the art technology.



A successful victory is won with a successful team.

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