'Tis the Season of Christmas

It’s the Christmas Season!candycane

The excitement of new toys, the chill of cold weather, the smell of peppermint in almost every store, and who can forget all those Christmas songs playing round the clock?

This time of year is, indeed, full of joy and laughter and children waiting in line to put in a word with Big Red. For the parents however, it’s another season of internal struggles. If you’re anything like the Average Joe, you’ve enjoyed the Christmas season, but are always vibrantly conscious of your pocket book. How can we afford to get our kids those ‘perfect gifts’ and still make the mortgage this month?

ornamentIn a perfect world, we’d be able to afford everything for our friends and family and still make the bills! But, this is reality. And although it’s covered in cheer and charity this time of year, a budget is wise and helpful to get through the holidays without having to take a loan out in 2015.  So here are some helpful tips to help you get that special someone that perfect gift and still have money to spare!

red ballStick to what You Set

Set a budget before you even get to the store. And set a reasonable budget. People get caught up in the holiday season of giving (nothing to be ashamed of), but don’t let this ‘give, give, give’ mentality give away all your bill money. Set a budget that allows you to pay your bills without pulling from your emergency savings. Once you’ve set your budget, use cash. $$$ Think of your credit card as a gateway- it only leads to more (unnecessary) spending.

red ballLook Twice, Buy Once

Yes, many will see that “buy 1 get 3” sign this time of year, but before you jump to on the Best Deal of the Year, do some investigation. Online shopping has never been this easy and you’ve most likely got a smart phone handy to see if this “deal” is truly a steal, or a break in the bank.

red ballCrafty Talents

With so many easy DIY crafts floating around, creating a gift may be a cheaper and more meaningful gift. If you’re an artist, create a personal piece of art for you mom and dad. Woodworker, something simple like a cutting board or a pen is always a useful tool. No skill? There are a million crafts the non-crafty can accomplish. Grab a mason jar and layer it with the ingredients to your favorite holiday treat! Get some paper and create snowflakes (a lot of them) and make a Christmas Bouquet! Pintrest is a great place to get ideas.

So, even if you’re searching for that new home or refinancing your old glory, you can still stay within budget and enjoy this holiday season!

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!





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