Ditch your marketing assumptions and delight your customer!

Its De-lightful, its de-liscious, its..RealScout's Free Cookie Campaign

Yesterday, RealScout gave us a peak under the hood at the logistics and results of their recent #RealScoutCookies campaign. They did such an awesome job breaking down their method, its worth doing a double take on! Agents are always hearing, "You need to be on social media," and "Internet marketing can revolutionize your business!" blah, blah, blah. But there aren't a lot of examples out there of what a really successful social media campaign looks like. Often when you can find out how they did it, it turns out its not that different than traditional marketing. The person that spends the most money wins. 

That is exactly the opposite of what we are seeing here with RealScout's. This is an example of a truly viral campaign, with a mimimal budget. Take a look at their wrap-up, and ask "How can I apply this example as an agent or broker?" (Hint-Hint: We've got some ideas down at the bottom.)

There are three main things you should take away from RealScout's success:

Online augments offline.

Twenty-seven people drove 1100 miles to deliver all these cookies. Its not a postcard, but I think we can classify that as some pretty old school, door-to-door marketing type selling right there. The advent of social media as a marketing tool does not mean you will never have to leave the office or meet people again. And that's a good thing! What agents are really great at is making those personal relationships. Don't think that just because you need to start taking advantage of social media, that it has to be completely unrelated to your traditional prospecting activities. What made this campaign really effective was that they used social media to create an opportunity for face-to-face interaction with their customers.

Define the value. 

RealScout spent about $1600 for this campaign. Just off-hand, that might sound like a lot of money to dump on what is basically a one-shot opportunity, but let's think about the value they gained from it.: How much would you pay to meet 100 new leads in one day? These are "sidebar contact form spam" leads, these are real "Yes, please come take up some of my time today and meet me face-to-face" leads. How much would you pay for 100 of those? For that kind of return, anybody can afford $1600. On the other hand you could easily spend that much over a year on a social media expert or CRM and not get even half the return they did in one day. Think about it.

Delight!: The Secret to Guaranteed Returns. 

So how do you make sure you are getting those kind of returns? That is the most important thing to learn from RealScouts escapades: its not about the marketing, its about the customer. It has nothing to do with social media, or traditional marketing. We could travel back to the '80s and RealScout could have mimeographed flyers, and stuck them to telephone poles and on everybody's windshield, and this campaign would have been just as effective. Why? Because RealScout identified an authentic way to delight their customers. What's the old rule? A house that smells like cookies, smells like home. But agents are so busy anymore! Who has time to bake? So RealScout helped them out. It took a lot of leg work and facetime, but they made it happen and look how it paid off. 

What do you think?

So, what can you do as an agent to delight your customers? What small kindness can you do to attract your potential customers? How can you leverage social media to get real facetime with those people? 

That's what we should be taking away from this awesome example of viral content done right. Thanks for sharing RealScout!


Brittany Fritsch is the CEO and Founder of Real Estate Ally. A Kansan turned San Franciscan, she loves to bring cutting-edge business practices and software together to create solutions for the everyday main street businesses that keep this country running. 

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