New System Updates!

Integrated Create Functions Now Available!

We've been making a lot of changes lately! Most recently we have fully integrated the 'create' and 'edit' functions for creating listings! What does this mean for you?

  • From 10 clicks to 2! Save time when creating new listings. Previously, if a user was creating a new listing with a new customer the user was required to back out of the listing and create the customer in the customer screen first. Now the customer can be added right from the listing screen!
  • Current customer information is also now immediately editable! Real Estate Ally will even indicate how old information is so users can check and make updates without skipping a beat!

New Report Available!

  • Now agents and brokers can run reports to highlight residential properties in different price ranges.

Find a bug? Have a suggestion?

We've added an easy feedback module so you can let us know.

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Something looks weird on your tablet? Your analytics aren't updating properly?

You just had a fantastic idea bout how to make scheduling open houses easier?

Any kind of feedback - Question, Comment, Complaint or Suggestion - can go in this box. We want to hear from you!

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