Featured Feature: Analytics

Today's post begins a new series we will be sharing - "Featured Feature" - where we will focus on one of the many unique offerings Real Estate Ally has, taking a deeper look into how it helps agents and brokers manage their businesses.

First up is Analytics and Reporting.

Simple Interface

Agents and brokers know they need to crunch the numbers to analyze important things like days on market, properties sold, etc - but often dread the process due to complicated or non-existent systems. Real Estate Ally's reporting tool is super easy to use allowing users to run reports in seconds. And since Real Estate Ally is a responsive website that means agents can run reports from their phone or tablet in the field - without even downloading an app.

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Dynamic Insights

The interface may be simple but that doesn't mean it lacks substance. What's unique about Real Estate Ally is that it brings together all of the major platforms an agent or broker works with - CRM, MLS and transactions - allowing for reporting that could never be done in one easy step before. Now its super simple to not only identify the houses driving up days on market but immediately pull up the corresponding listings connected through interactive reporting links.

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Or perhaps it was the other way around and there were houses that sold like hotcakes, but why? Click through the report to discover linkages between sellers and customers!

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Better Business Management

In today's world, real estate agents are looking more like entrepreneurs, managing their listings like their own business. With Real Estate Ally's reporting tool they gain a better understanding of their opportunities and weaknesses, allowing them to adapt and make changes quickly - a necessity in today's fast-paced and competitive market. 

Interested in trying Real Estate Ally for yourself? 

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Cristina is a Marketing intern for the Real Estate Ally team. Real Estate Ally’s mission is to empower Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Owners to take better control of their businesses and manage for improved results through a unified and convenient cloud-based business intelligence solution. Learn more about how Real Estate Ally can revolutionize your business here!



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